Is Trading Lebron James Really That Crazy?

While working the Los Angeles Lakers’ 120-97 loss to the longtime rival Boston Celtics on Saturday night, ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy created quite a stir suggesting the Lakers consider trading superstar LeBron James.

“I think in the offseason, they need to rebuild this roster, right? And to me, it could be a trade for an Anthony Davis, or I think they need to explore trading LeBron for getting as much as they can.”

After co-analyst, Mark Jackson, asked Van Gundy, “What are you doing? Seriously?” the former New York Knicks’ coach furthered his thoughts on the matter.

“You got to get on the right timeline. I’m going to say, if I could trade him for the Clippers into cap space, which would give me a better chance to get [Kevin] Durant or Kawhi Leonard, would I not do that? … You got to put everything on the table.”

Is Van Gundy crazy for thinking the Lakers should seriously consider trading James after only one season into the experiment?

The answer is no.Jeff-Van-Gundy-suggests-LA-should-consider-trading-LeBron-James

Van Gundy was not suggesting giving away the three-time NBA champion, but being open to the idea of what offers could come the way of the Lakers via trade,

Honestly, if a team came calling and offered salary cap relief by taking on Lebron’s contract while also offering talented players and draft picks, Lakers’ GM Rob Pelinka and President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson would be remiss not to seriously contemplate the offer.

Other than Anthony Davis who the Lakers almost traded much of their young core for at the deadline, it appears no max free agents would consider joining forces with Lebron in L.A.

Lebron has the reputation of being a chemistry killer which is how many perceive him again this year. The trade deadline came and went without Anthony Davis, but many Laker teammates had their feelings hurt after being mentioned in trade rumors.

While pro sports is a business, you cannot expect a player to brush off not being wanted by the team’s best player. These players may be young and lack playoff experience, but their ceiling is extremely high.

Let us not forget this team was ranked fourth in the Western conference after defeating the reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors on the road Christmas day. These young players were a big part of the team’s success at that point of the season.

Lebron is 34. Why gut the young roster when multiple max superstars could be brought in to take his place?

Magic cannot build his Showtime Lakers trading away valuable young assets who could star for other organizations. He may be referred to as “the chosen one,” but James is the wrong superstar to return the Lakers to the promised land.

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