Mock Draft with No trades.

Here’s my first put together no trades mock for best need of teams and also my personal choice on best available players.

  1. Arizona Cardinals: Nick Bosa

Best overall player in the draft. Quick, Can Bend, has burst off the edge, and great with his hands and bullrush. Easily my number one. Complements Chandler Jones perfectly.

2) San Francisco 49ers: Clelin Ferrell

Now. This may be a reach compared to other scouts. Quinnen Williams would be my number two , but the 49ers have way to many interior D lineman. Clelin has a great burst and use of his hands. Great technique and a guy who’s really getting underrated in this process. This also allows either Solomon Thomas or Arik Armstead to go inside along side Deforest Buckner.

3) New York Jets: Quinnen Williams

Williams is easily the most flashy player this year. Quinnen showed his bull rush and intriguing athleticism and strength in the trenches. My number 2 guy and would play nicely in the 4-3 along Leonard Williams. Only concern is his one year of production but many times that hasnt been a factor.

4) Oakland Raiders: Devin White

White is an athletic FREAK. Insane sideline speed and has decent coverage. Good football IQ and has all the intangibles to be a great prototypical linebacker. Only downside is his size at 6’1 but the NFL is changing to quicker twitchier linebackers.

5)Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jonah Williams

As much as I would love to see Jonah play in a Bills Jersey(Im a Bills fan), he fits here pretty well. He can move inside to guard and play year one and soon after either Donovan Smith or Demar Dotson retires he can plug in there. A top 5 talent in the draft for sure.

6)New York Giants: Josh Allen

Now maybe Giants fans are looking QB here , but I think Eli has one more year. This QB class is very weak and the only one I’d se here is Dwayne Haskins, but he struggles against pressure…. not a good mix with the Giants. But Josh Allen comes in and rushes the edge across from Oliver Vernon and fits the 3-4 the team runs. Josh isn’t a 4-3 edge and if I’m the Giants you get a great TALENT in the draft, but needs a lot of developing in pass moves.

7)Jacksonville Jaguars: Dwayne Haskins

This is the perfect spot for Haskins to go. Has a good Offensive line and has a great RB to allow some pressure off him. Hopefully the Jags bring in a veteran like a Nick Foles to come and play year one and allow Dwayne to touch up from his flaws in college. Especially his play under pressure and deep accuracy.

8) Detroit Lions: Rashan Gary

Gary is an intriguing player. He played all over at Michigan and can move in to DT or DE in a 3-4. Luckily for him the Lions run different schemes week to week and throw everyone on that defense everywhere. One play he’s playing DT and the next he’s an edge. This allows to play to Gary’s strengths as being a Tweener almost between 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT.

9)Buffalo Bills: Cody Ford

Now there’s been a lot of noise of Jawaan Taylor here to Buffalo. But Cody Ford may have the highest ceiling out of all the Olineman in the class. He has the versatility to play gaurd or tackle and mattering on the signings in FA can find a starting role no matter what. Cody’s size and strength would be highly utilized and needed for this buffalo team that needs all the pieces to help Josh Allen.

10) Denver Broncos: Drew Lock

Now this to me is the best situation Lock will find himself in. With the recent Joe Flacco trade it pairs Lock up with a very comparable QB to him. Flacco plays a lot like Drew and could definitely mentor him while he sits and learns. He also comes into a QB heavy front office where there is rumors Elway is high on Lock. Other than Murray , Lock may have the best upside at QB in the draft class.

11) Cincinnati Bengals: Ed Oliver

Now this may seem weird with Geno Atkins on the roster but with Oliver he has the highest upside in the draft. Has the athleticism traits of Aaron Donald and with the Bengals they don’t mind off the field issues concerning the coach. Also Geno could teach Oliver some pass moves that he very much needs and impact their run defense as a rookie.

12) Green Bay Packers: Jachi Polite

Polite has great quickness off the line and motor is incredible. This Green Bay team desperately needs a pass rusher and was tempted to toss Monteaz Sweat in here but that may be a reach. Brian Burns is also in play but I think Jachi is the guy with a good ceiling and a solid floor.

13) Miami Dolphins: Kyler Murray

Now the biggest named guy finnaly comes off the board. With Miami dumping Tanehill this makes too much sense. I see Foles going to best place available in the Jaguars and Miami wouldn’t dumb a veteran that they spent so much time in to developing if they didn’t plan to select this year. Kyler has the brightest ceiling and gives him a decent offense to take control off for his first year in the league.

14) Atlanta Falcons: Greedy Williams

This Atlanta team needs almost every piece on defense and Greedy Williams may be the best overall player here other than Jeffrey Simmons.(When Healthy) This Falcons team was 27th in pass defense and adding a impact starter in Greedy can completely turn this defense around.

15) Washington Redskins: Daniel Jones

To me this is a reach. But the more I see it the more it makes sense. My comp to Daniel Jones is Alex Smith and who better from him to learn from than Alex Smith. Now Alex is in a weird spot with his injury but I’d expect he’d be around the team a bit and the front office could ask for some mentor ship of the young guy. In a perfect world Alex Smith would be on the field but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

16) Carolina Panthers: Dalton Risner

Carolina may lose Daryl Williams in free agency and could even move Risner in to gaurd if they do bring him back. Either way Risner is a blue chip prospect who comes in and gives Carolina some protection for their precious Cam Newton.

17) Cleveland Browns: Jeffrey Simmons

Yes. I know he’s hurt. But you look at best overall player at this spot and he is it. He’d be a top 5 pick without his injury or off the feild stuff. Here they can get another guy in the trenches to pair with Myles Garret and out a scary Dline out every Sunday.

18) Minnesota Vikings: Jawaan Taylor

This is honesty perfect for both sides. Taylor is an unfinished product where he instantly becomes one of the best lineman on the team as a rookie lol. Minnesota also get a franchise RT to keep Kirk Kousins upright. Jawaans great athleticism and strength should instantly boost their performance.

19: Tennessee Titans: Brian Burns

Burns has a great ideal NFL body, and has the motor and the athleticism to be a beast as a pro. His technique leaves a little more to be desired. Coming into a team with Jurell Casey and if they Resign Brian Orakpo could mentor him pretty well. He also creates a young duo with him and Harold Landry for edge rushers.

20) Pittsburgh Steelers: Byron Murphy

Byron is the most complete corner in this draft. Can play zone, can play man, can press, can play off, pretty much anything you ask he can do it. He’s not the most electric athlete but that’s what his charm is. He’s good at everything and to me is my favorite corner in the draft and can do everything the Steelers ask of him.

21) Seattle Seahawks: T.J Hockenson

Now I know. “Get Russel Wilson an offensive lineman!” But giving this offense a TE like T.J instantly gives Wilson a 600 yard receiver and a guy who can block with the rest of em. This boosts both their running game and passing game. 2nd round they get an offensive lineman and sign a couple in FA , this offense will be even more fun.

22) Baltimore Ravens: D.K Metkalf

I feel like the Ravens always need a receiver. This to me just seems like a perfect fit. D.K is a great receiver but still shows the Ravens identity with running the ball. Obviously Metkalf is a tank so you get him to put the same effort into the run game as he does at the gym this offense would be electric. If he runs a 4.4 in the combine he may be a top 10 lock in the draft.

23) Houston Texans: Andre Dilliard

Do I even need to explain this one? The Texans should go offensive lineman every single pick this draft… and I mean it. They should have a completely new line. Dilliard May be the best pass blocking tackle in the draft and can start at either tackle. But this instantly changes their identity of this team. Protect Deshaun Watson. Pretty simple.

24) Oakland Raiders: Josh Jacobs

This is one of my fits where people may question it but I love it. Josh can come into the offense and get almost every touch and grow as a young player. This may seem dumb if the Raiders land Leveon Bell, But Jacobs could be the best recieving and running option in this piss poor offense.

25) Philadelphia Eagles: Christian Wilkins

This is a complete steal for the Eagles. Wilkins is a top 15 player in the draft maybe and he falls to you at 25. This ensures to you if you loose Brandon Graham they have a replacement. But if they do sign him, depth there is good and can fit into some schemes for them. And developing behind all those talented guys in the trenches gives him a huge ceiling.

26) Indianapolis Colts: Deandre Baker

I’ve heard a ton of slander on Baker due to his athleticism. When you have super smooth hips, great coverage skills and almost perfect technique and could instantly start and could be their number 1. I think his combine may hurt him when he runs around a 4.5 but I don’t think it really is THAT concerning. He has the ability to be a CB 1 on plenty teams.

27) Oakland Raiders: N’Keal Harry

Alright I lied. Josh Jacobs might not be the best receiving option on this team. This isn’t my most perfect fit but it makes sense business wise. I know the Raiders fans are awesome and loyal, but with them not knowing where they are playing and their success , just try and put people in the seats. Get an exciting young offense could definitely get more people to watch and give the raiders fans some hope. And N’Keal Harry instantly becomes the Raiders number one guy and could show his athleticism and potential.

28) Los Angles Chargers: Dexter Lawrence

These guys gotta get something on the defensive line after their playoff performance. Dexter instantly starts and boosts a position of need. He can clog the running lanes perfectly and has some underrated wiggle and pass moves.

29) Kansas City Chiefs: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

Now hear me out. I know Deionte Thompson and Nasir Adderly are still on the board. I think those are both good fits. But the flexibility of C.G.J to be able to play the slot corner or come down in the box or play up as a high safety would be huge for this weak Chiefs defense. It’s like plugging two holes with one player.

30) Green Bay Packers: Nasir Adderly

Here goes another saftey. Nasir is so quick and so lengthy as a guy who can play high and that’s a huge need for this packers team. He also has the ball skills to get the Packers defense off the feild and is a plug and play guy right from the start. His combine may improve his stock a lot so he might not be here’s after the combine.

31) Los Angeles Rams: Devin Bush

The Rams only real hole is Linebacker. Devin Bush is a guy who’s got sneaky athleticism and can finish plays and cover a bit. He plugs in and becomes an impact player to this defense that played great in the super bowl.

32) New England Patriots: Deionte Thompson

Now this defense isn’t getting any younger. Patrick Chung is 29 and had a pretty bad injury in the Super Bowl, The McCourty twins aren’t that fountain of youth. Thompson goes to a team where he doesn’t have to start but has the ability to. Can learn behind some pretty good veterans and improve his game more than it is.

And that’s it! Let me know how you feel on it, follow my Twitter @Jonnywood17 for draft thoughts. DM’s are open!!

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