Mike McCarthy Should Know Better

Former Green Bay Packers’ head coach, Mike McCarthy, berated officials at his stepson’s basketball game in Wisconsin. The Pulaski School District has filed a formal complaint to the Wisconsin Athletic Association.

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McCarthy’s stepson plays for Notre Dame Academy which suffered a one-point loss to Pulaski High School.

After the game, McCarthy followed the refs out of the gym and used “unsportsmanlike language” towards them. Video that clearly shows McCarthy confronting officials was sent to a local tv station in Wisconsin.

Pulaski athletic director, Janel Batten, was extremely unhappy McCarthy chose to use such language in her gym.

“This parent chose to follow the officials and berate them, which is clearly unacceptable. Some things were said, some language was used that we don’t want in our gym, unsportsmanlike language.”    Janel Batten, Pulaski athletic director

As a former head coach in the NFL and additional years as an assistant, McCarthy should know better. In professional sports, players, coaches, team officials, etc. get fined for making negative comments about officiating. Going after an official often leads to suspensions.

What was McCarthy thinking? You are talking about a high school basketball game not the Super Bowl. McCarthy should be modeling proper behavior on how to deal with being unhappy with the refereeing that took place in any particular game.

As a varsity high school coach and a parent of teenage athletes, I know I need to model proper behavior for my players and children. If not, they will believe it is ok to berate officials, opponents, etc. whenever they see fit.

The former Packer leader plans on sitting out the 2019 season then making himself available to coach in 2020. If I am a GM and bringing in McCarthy for an interview, you better believe this incident will be part of the discussion.

And that’s as I see it!

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