2015 Crucial to Manziel’s NFL Future

We have been hearing it since Johnny Manziel starred in college as the starting quarterback at Texas A &M. “The kid likes to party,” has been said by many who had the chance to see Manziel away from the football field.

There is no question the man also known as “Johnny Football” or “Money Manziel” has talent. However, does his talent, work ethic, and football IQ transfer to NFL success?moneymanziel

This is the question many experts are asking in regards to Manziel’s future in Cleveland and the NFL for that matter.

As Manziel moved on to the NFL, people questioned whether he had the football acumen of an individual who could run a pro system. In college, the A & M offense was all about tempo with Manziel expected to call plays quickly and get to the line. If plays broke down, Manziel would use his unique scrambling abilities to find receivers or run himself. In the NFL, quarterbacks must worry about pre-snap reads, protections and coverages.

A recent interview of 20 anonymous individuals from the Cleveland Browns, did not sound too promising for Manziel’s future in Cleveland beyond the 2015 season if major changes are not made.

Manziel was said to show a lack of commitment and preparation which led to him not knowing plays or calling the wrong plays in his first start against Cincinnati. There was also too much partying going on which led to not being prepared, showing up late to numerous team meetings, and missing treatment to his injured knee the day before the season finale because he had been out late drinking the year before.manziel1

Not all within the Cleveland organization believe Manziel’s season is as bad as it is being presented by the media.

Star cornerback Joe Haden and linebacker Karlos Dansby believe Manziel’s talent challenged the Cleveland defense daily in practice, but he was not always successful because defense is the strength of the Cleveland team. Haden acknowledges Manziel made mistakes his rookie season, but that “he is all about giving second chances.”manziel2

The 2015 season will be the second, and possibly last, chance for Manziel with the Browns. He needs to stop worrying about hanging out with his celebrity friends like Lebron James, Floyd Mayweather, Justin Bieber, and Drake, to name a few, in order  to be fully committed to turning his career around. If not, his career will be shorter than Tim Tebow whose work ethic and commitment to his team have never been questioned.

And that’s as I see it!

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